"Her personable and caring demeanor was invaluable.

"When my mom first moved to the assisted living/nursing home at Epoch several years ago, I was very apprehensive regarding the paper work, twists, and turns that is the complicated and enigmatic world of insurance coverage. Given the fact that one is typically stressed and upset by the issues precipitating the need to deal with insurance, it was with dread that my wife and I tried to make sense of all the new information and forms coming our way. The fact that both of us work in health care provided little solace, knowing that we had very little training in this highly specialized area.

Then came Jen...

Part of her job was indeed to assist families in making transitions, and of course to try to assure that Epoch got paid for their work. But this was different. She was there for us every step of the way, as if a family member. She welcomed tough questions and clearly took pride in coming up with innovative solutions which always seemed to serve our best interests. She was incredibly knowledgeable, and it soon became evident that her honesty and integrity was resolute.

Her personable and caring demeanor was invaluable. Paired with her expertise in insurance, it imparted a strong sense that we were in good hands, bringing comfort during a difficult time."

-Mark W Freedman, MHP,PA-C

Assistant Professor / Tufts Medical School

“Compassion to all clients.”

Jen-Alice is one of the most thorough Medicaid application specialists is Massachusetts.  She fully comprehends the complex application process ad provides compassion for all clients.— Darcia Tremblay-Silver Lining Solutions

“Thank you Jen from the bottom of my heart.”

* My mom’s application process has been such a challenge, not to mention the

comprehension of it and the waiting and wondering. Jen-Alice has guided my sanity

throughout the entire thing, reassuring me that all is going the way that it should and to

just be patient. Without her professional expertise, this process truly would have been a

full-time job. Thank you Jen from the bottom of my heart.

-Elise V* Plymouth, MA

* It appears you are some sort of miracle worker. Quite impressed.

-Marc S.*

* Thank you for explaining me out of a mild hysteria. I think all will be well now and if

not; I know a great worker who will clear up the situation.

-Ann H* Dorchester, MA

*Just a little something to thank you for all of your help & listening to me. Your kindness is greatly appreciated.

-Lucy* Dorchester, MA