We now handle 

SSDI Applications & Provider Credentialing

Long Term Care Applications

Filing the Medicaid application can be difficult when dealing with a loved one in a skilled nursing facility.  The state of Massachusetts requires the applicant to spend down their assets to below a $2000.00 cap. If the applicant has a spouse who will remain in the home, the rules change at that point.  All of this information can become confusing and frustrating for the family who is helping.  We will guide you through the process, be the buffer and handle all the communications with Medicaid/MassHealth, so you can concentrate on healing or helping you loved one to lead a best quality of life they are able to lead.


Community Applications

Many People want to stay at home for as long as they they can before they have to go into a skilled nursing facility.  Medicaid/MassHealth will pay for a lot of the in home services provided in the state of Massachusetts.  We still have to do an application and connect your loved one or yourself to the proper agency and get the services you need to stay at home.  Medicaid/MassHealth also office many HMO programs which you may qualify for that offer services for in home care.  Keeping you at home is the goal.


Insurance Consultations

We have over 25 years of experience working with the insurance companies.  HMO's to Medicare supplemental plans can get confusing. Who charges what premium???? We can help guide you through the decision making process of choosing a new health plan.  We will also help you look at invoice from providers to decipher billing practices and advise you how to proceed.  If you would like us to, we will call the provide to figure out the bill for you while we sit with you.


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