New Clients

You're in great hands

We make sure all our new clients feel welcome, taken care of and valued. During your first visit, we will review list of documents needed for the application. We will be able to move forward from that meeting to process the application, review the Estimated Patient Paid Amount (Est. PPA for MassHealth/Medicaid) and the time frame it takes for the applications to process the application.   From there, take all of the required documentation, obtain the appropriate signatures and move forward processing the application.  We typically share income information with the nursing home as it relates to the Estimated Patient Paid Amount (Est. PPA) or any spend down needed to qualify financially for Medicaid/MassHealth.  We keep a channel of open, honest communication with you, our client as well as the agencies we are working with to avoid surprises.   Please ask questions. If you think the questions doesn't mean something it just might. We look forward to meeting with you soon.