New App Displays What Original Medicare Covers

The new CMS “What’s Covered” app lets people with original Medicare, caregivers, providers, and others quickly see whether Medicare covers a specific medical item or service. You can now use your mobile device to more easily get accurate, consistent original Medicare coverage information in your office, the hospital, or anywhere. The free app is available in Google Play  and the Apple App Store  .

See the full text of this excerpted CMS Press Release (issued January 28), which discusses other eMedicare tools for people with Medicare.

New Medicare APP.png

Happy New Year 2019

As we move into 2019, I want to stress to every caretaker just one thing. In 2019, make yourself a priority. You cannot give to those you are caring for if you don’t have it to give. Take time off. Ask for help. You are not weak when asking for help. It is the opposite. You are STRONG! BRAVE! You know when you have reached your limit and you have to recharge. You will be a better caretaker because of your time off. It is okay to take care of you. Best wishes in 2019. I look forward to meeting new families and providing hope.